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Special Events

Where it all started, WLDB is the absolute specialist in creating one off unique build’s for any type of wedding or special event. With over 8 years of experience, we have helped to create some of Australia’s most iconic events that have been the been used for inspiration across the globe. Working alongside the industry’s best we are the market leaders when it comes to design and construction of truly unforgettable events.

Exhibition Stands & Pop Up Stores

Designing and Constructing standout Exhibition stands or Pop Up Stores is a passion of ours. The team at WLDB will work with you to understand firstly what is the purpose of the stand or store, who you want to engage and what outcome you want to achieve before even starting the design process. Understanding what a business wants to achieve drives and fuels how it should be designed and built with an underlying purpose to be the best results.


Corporate Event

Whether it is a Galer dinner, Charity Event, or a launch party, each corporate event is different and needs to be designed in a way that the guest experience is unique and memorable. Our experienced team are here to help with all aspects from designing concepts, mapping floor plans and providing décor to make sure it all comes together. From furniture to one off builds we can do it all inhouse.

Brand Activation

If you have a space and want to promote a new product or promote your brand then we are here to help. From Christmas themed kids mazes to Photo both stations, there are so many ways to create an immersive guest experience that aligns to your product and brand. It all comes down creative design and flawless execution.


Featured Concepts

Bespoke and modern display stands.

Everything from the flooring to ceiling is produced by our team so that all you have to do is bring you products and your best sales pitch and you are ready to go.

Beautifully curated Wedding and Special Event Backdrops.

From design to development, it is all done inhouse to make sure the whole experience is a seamless and flawless.